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Incoming Tourism

Greece is one of the top tourist destinations worldwide. Beautiful beaches, crystal water, archeological monuments and museums, excellent cuisine and nightlife are some of the facts that make Greece so attractive to visitors. Every year, numerous visitors choose Greece for their vacations.

The fact that COMPASS is associated with foreign tourist operators allows us to provide quality services to Incoming tourists. Experience, professionalism and knowledge allow us to provide complete vacation packages based on your demands so that vacations in Greece are never forgotten.

Incoming Services:

Tickets: Air tickets and ferry tickets to and from your destination

Accommodation: We can provide a huge variety of Hotels, apartments and villas to meet the demands of every single client or group

Transfer to and from the airport

Transports: We provide minibus and/or buses to organized groups for sightseeing, tours and trips

VIP Services: VIP guests can enjoy high standard, luxurious services during their stay in Greece including VIP security, limousine rental, heli services, VIP bookings, concierge services

Rental of cars, motorbikes, limousines, yachts etc.

Trips: We plan trips to near or far destinations in Greece for 1 or more days

Cruises - Island hopping

Thematic Tours

  • Churches - monasteries

  • Sports ( to mountains for winter sports or beaches for summer sports)

  • Corporate tours with team bonding activities

  • Sightseeing to museums, monuments and ancient cities all over Greece

  • Wine tourism

  • Taste trips

  • Weddings

Organization of Congresses, Meetings and Team Building Activities for companies that choose Greece for their professional activities.